About VoiP Telephones.

For decades, most telephone service was done over copper wire, using analog.  Then came digital telephone sets/systems.  However, there were limitations.  Mainly, that copper wire can only handle so much voice or data (internet traffic).

More telephone and internet providers are replacing that old copper infrastructure with Fiber Optic cabling. Fiber is far better for today’s needs.

VoiP telephones have all but replaced the old analog and digital systems. Few if any manufacturers of telephones are making the old systems anymore.  Further, fewer are making new parts for them. As those older phone systems begin to break down there is a greater likelihood that there will not be a fix available anymore so moving to VoiP is inevitable.

Older analog or digital systems, in order to have multiple lines, you needed a “brain”, or Key System Unit.  They were expensive, and had to be housed at a customer’s office.

If you wanted voice mail or multiple lines, the costs were prohibitive for many small and mid-sized businesses.

Enter: VOIP.   You don’t have to purchase a KSU or a server, as it’s now known in the VoiP world.  Thus, phone systems with varied features are reliable and affordable.